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Bettorlogic’s Banner scheduling system enables
you to quickly and efficiently create
your banner campaign

Platform – Desktop



You can plan and automate the publishing of your marketing material to serve ads in any size and any territory.


You can use Bettorlogic content in banners that results have proven to be 4 x more effective than standard banners. We can either schedule content on your behalf on a week by week basis based on a set of rules or you can access the content that is available and assign accordingly. Either way, you can quickly and easily change the schedule to allow for promotional banners as well.
Bettorlogic’s unique content is available before and during events. During busy periods our system selection will generate the most compelling reasons for in play betting.

Easy to Update

Revise creatives whenever you want, using our easy to use Banner Schedule dashboard to automatically update your campaigns on the time and date you select.


To be able to create ad content in multiple languages using our Banner Schedule gives a greater flexibility and further reach across the globe.

Personalised Banners

Used in conjunction with our bet propensity software you can create banners that reflect the bet preference of an individual. Create promotions just for selected groups; acknowledge me as an individual, recognize what events will interest me. In short, create the experience I receive elsewhere.

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