Twitter Feeds

Reasons to Bet & Livelogic supplied as a Twitter feed with CMS for automated manual publishing with the latest odds and hash tags to the relevant market.

  • Use it in affiliate feeds
  • Send tweets (or any Livelogic output) directly to customers who can set up alert preferences
“So I’ve chosen the Leagues I’m interested in and I want tweets for those matches when it’s all square in the 1st half and Livelogic highlights teams with at least a 60% record of winning from that match position.”

Tweets would include odds and hash tags to the relevant market. As we can pre-generate Livelogic based on a variety of match situations, so we know when there will be the most stimulating output across a range of matches. Thus you can set up Tweets ready to go when those match situations become a reality. Alternatively, use these for SMS, Email messaging or get us to do it for you with our bet propensity software


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