Updated in-play information that is generated every 5 minutes or whenever there is a change in match status.

Livelogic uses a complex hierarchy to ensure that it delivers the most stimulating information as opposed to the most obvious.

  • Available as a hosted solution or XML feed
  • Just need your odds feed for integration
  • Complete flexibility of display and language generation
  • Available in a variety of languages
  • Comes with a Twitter feed
  • 60+ leagues covered plus major international and domestic competitions such as the Champions League.

For example, when Arsenal were leading 4-2 against Spurs with 10 minutes remaining at the Emirates recently, instead of stating that Arsenal had won their last 10 games when in a similar position, Livelogic highlighted that “There has been another goal in 65% of matches between top-half teams and that Spurs have scored next in three of their last seven similar away matches.”

  • Livelogic is a unique, real-time, bet stimulation technology
  • Proven to significantly increase in-play volumes and frequency
  • Web, mobile and affiliate applications, Livelogic can be used across all major platforms
  • Over 40 bet prompts per event, identifying the strongest patterns in real-time
  • Linked to relevant market, live price and bet-slip
  • Customizable, simple to integrate
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