Our bet analysis helps to increase volume and is also a valuable resource for CRM and marketing departments.

Our software will analyse the betting history of customers to create profile groups based on what customers like to bet on; when they like to bet and what may trigger them to place a bet. Thus information presented to the profile group can be of specific interest to these bettors.

Having created the profile of a user, which is updated regularly we use our Multibet/Easibet/NextBet and Livelogic technology to generate bet suggestions of likely interest to the user.

As well as identifying current and past behaviour, the aggregated data allows us to report on how customers are likely to behave in the future. In this way we can pinpoint, amongst other things, when a bettor  is likely to change his betting behaviour; bet more in-play; become interested in other sports or when a Sportsbook is in danger of losing a customer and therefore may need to offer a free bet or other incentives.

Bettors like to communicate with each other and by creating profile groups, we are creating communities of like-minded bettors. If allowed to communicate with each other, this will also create loyalty to your brand.

To create profile groups all we need via an API/Webservice is the following information:

  • User identifier (Username)
  • The event
  • The market or submarket
  • The outcome
  • The odds
  • Time of bet
  • Was the bet successful?
  • With additional data we can do even more
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