Putting Meaning to Data to drive Turnover

At Bettorlogic, we develop betting tools that set new standards in the quality of analysis available to the global on-line betting and media communities.

  • Founded in 2004, we build databases across the major sports in order to create editorial content specifically for those who bet on sporting events
  • Using our analytical and modelling skills enabled us to create software that generates compelling bet prompts
  • We understand betting and what makes bettors bet
  • We are constantly adding new products and sports to our portfolio and all are designed for the rapidly expanding betting market
  • Products are designed in such a way that we can create bespoke solutions whether it be for mobile, online or offsite engagement
  • Increasingly clients are using our software to create personalised content for their customers

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Testimonials from our Clients

“Having Bettorlogic products integrated into our betting experience and dynamic banners increased our turnover significantly.”
Sadok Kohen CEO Tuttur.com
“The HorseFinder widget has proved very popular with our users and helped boost betting activity. The Bettorlogic team are extremely talented and have a good grasp of smart technology allowing them to develop engaging widgets for our customer base.”
Jaswant Deol, Sportsbook Director Betway
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