What is it?
  • Livelogic is a unique, real-time, bet stimulation technology
  • Besides enhancing in-play content, Livelogic is proven to significantly increase in-play volumes and frequency
  • Flexible and adaptable, Livelogic can be integrated simply and easily
  • Web, mobile and affiliate applications, Livelogic can be used across all major platforms
How does it work?
  • Scaled coverage - over 30,000 live events per year
  • Over 40 bet prompts per event, 20,000 per week, identifying the strongest patterns in real-time
  • Linked to relevant market, live price and bet-slip
  • Customisable, simple to integrate
  • Advertising formats also available via Connextra
What's the proof?
  • Consistent evidence confirming significant increases in in-play betting volumes and frequency
  • Sustained 34% volume increase over three months at Betfair
  • Tripling of re-activation/funding rates over three months at Betfair
  • 300% increase in CTR rates at leading fixed-odds platform over summer 2010
What do our customers think?

"Victor Chandler is committed to offering the best possible in-play experience and the Livelogic technology is a unique and exciting addition to our platform. We expect plenty of positive feedback from our customers.”

Paul Louis, Operations Director, Victor Chandler

"The Bettorlogic product range fits really well with our development plans – most of all, our increased focus on in-play markets. The early signs are that beyond its value as unique content, Livelogic can genuinely influence peoples’ inclination to bet"

Darren Lovern, Head of Sportsbook, Paddy Power

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